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  • 58%
    Sexual and Reproductive Rights
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  • 45%
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  • 60%
    Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Unions
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  • 7%
    Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
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  • 74%
    Comprehensive Sexuality Education
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  • 73%
    Sexual and Reproductive Health Services
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  • 54%
    Youth Friendly Services
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  • 7%
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  • 65%
    Maternal Mortality Prevention
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    Compassionate Delivery
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  • 32%
    Specialized Services for Gender Based Violence
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Sexual and Reproductive Rights

2017 – 60%
2018 – 58%
  • Deficient 0 - 40%
  • Limited 41 - 55%
  • Needs improvement 56 - 70%
  • Good 71 - 90%
  • Very good 91 - 100%
  • Reform the Jamaican Constitution - Sexual Offences Act to facilitate government recognition of sexual rights, including protection from sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and the right to healthcare including to sexual and reproductive health services.

  • Reform the Constitution to specify that the right to life begins at birth.

  • Reform the Constitution to include the right to marriage for specific minority groups that are also to be included in the equality clause

  • Reform Child Care and Protection Act and Age of Majority Act to enable adolescent access, without parental consent, to SRH services under 16 years to align with the national average age of sexual debut.

  • Reform Offences against the Person Act to facilitate the right to abortion under circumstances of statutory rape, rape, and to preserve the woman’s life

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Priority measures
  • Priority measure 36

    Design policies and programmes aiming to eradicate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the exercise of sexual rights and the manifestations thereof

  • Priority measure 34

    Promote policies that contribute to ensuring that people exercise their sexual rights, which encompass the right to a safe and full sex life and the right to take free, informed, voluntary, and responsible decisions on their sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity without coercion, discrimination, or violence, and to guaranteeing the right to information and to the necessary means for their sexual health and reproductive health

  • Priority Measure 33

    Promote, protect and guarantee sexual health and rights and reproductive rights in order to contribute to the fulfilment of persons and to social justice in a society free from all forms of discrimination and violence